digital cyber marketing war

“Behind the scenes of every web page is a silent digital war. If your business isn’t fighting, battle by battle, you are going to lose”

Brian K, Cybertech Marketing

Chances are you have seen this happening and might not have even realized what is going on. Have you ever noticed a newer generation of businesses that are overthrowing long standing businesses that have been well established and successful for many years leaving them wondering why?

The answer is pretty simple. We are living in the age of information and digital technology. These are the days we have fast access to all information at the click of our fingertips. Ask yourself, “When is the last time I needed to know something and ‘Googled’ it in order to find an immediate answer?”

If people are looking for a specific product or service, they ultimately want the convenience of having the solution instantaneously. If that answer isn’t you then it will be someone else who is.

Let me take you behind the scenes to the battle front:

Competition Analysis – Where it all begins …

Groundbreaking Research

We all know that a structure without a solid foundation isn’t solid at all and can collapse at any given moment. At Cybertech Marketing we never begin a project without strenuous research and solid foundation building as this is the backbone of your business and marketing structure. This begins with very specifically defining your business, niche, and goals. This provides an exact market placement in order to being us to the next key element, competition analysis.

Competition analysis is the art of knowing your direct competitors better than they know them selves. This includes things such as top products and services, marketing strategies, and business systems. There are many ways to know your competition and get a good grasp on their tactics. Some simple and free ways include:

These simple and free methods of competition analysis will set you already miles ahead in your warfare strategy. The next few methods are a bit more sophisticated but can provide a intricately in-depth view of exactly what you need to do in order to completely crush your competition.

Cybertech Marketing uses advanced techniques in order to see very complex information. We use technology and software to analyze their online presence and Search Engine Optimization in order to discover convoluted information such as:

These key elements of competition analysis are going to prepare your business to have a distinct advantage on the front lines of the digital war. With this information you will be able to position yourself in the market, create a solid foundation, and prepare for battle!

STAY TUNED for Part II as we begin to use this information to create your battle strategy, research your keywords, design your website, and implement groundbreaking Search Engine Optimization in order to crush your competition and leave them in your dust ….

“4 Steps of Competitor Analysis” – according to